Modern construction projects are expected to be delivered faster and with fewer resources. However, despite these expectations, many projects continue to suffer from delays that lead to additional costs. These costs arise due to downtime, rework, and potential financial penalties. The root of these delays is often multifaceted, with a significant portion stemming from issues in the design phase. Poor initial planning and incomplete designs can create a cascade of problems that affect the entire construction timeline.

The traditional approach to steel design and fabrication can exacerbate these issues. Fragmented design releases and incomplete designs frequently cause significant delays in getting steel to the site. This fragmentation leads to inefficiencies, as various stages of the project cannot proceed smoothly or on schedule. The disconnect between different stages of design and fabrication often results in miscommunication, errors, and subsequent project setbacks, making it difficult to meet the accelerated timelines expected in modern construction projects.

Engaging BSF Design Solutions pre-IFC to assist with the finalization of the design offers numerous benefits to the project. Chief among these benefits is the ability to compress the overall construction program, leading to more timely project completion. Early involvement allows for advanced constructability reviews and consideration of fabrication methods, as well as lifting and transport limitations. These factors contribute to significant cost savings through early material procurement, modularization, and value engineering. By addressing potential issues early and ensuring a more cohesive design process, BSF Design Solutions can help streamline the construction timeline and reduce the likelihood of costly delays.

“Design Assist promises many benefits. Communication between the design and construction teams is often improved. and coordination activities often happen at an earlier stage when problems can be solved easier.” (American Institute of Steel Construction)

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