By containing the design, engineering, drafting, surveying, fabrication, and installation of structures in-house, we provide an end-to-end turnkey service that significantly reduces costly design changes often experienced in conventional projects. This integrated approach ensures that all aspects of the project are closely coordinated and managed under one roof, fostering seamless communication and reducing the likelihood of errors and revisions. The streamlined process leads to more efficient workflows, allowing for better control over project timelines and budgets.

In conjunction with our other trade partners, this holistic approach results in projects being completed successfully and in a timely manner. By eliminating communication breakdowns between consulting parties, we minimize delays and misunderstandings that can occur when different teams work in isolation. This synergy between our in-house capabilities and external partners enhances the overall efficiency of the project, ensuring that all components are perfectly aligned and executed according to plan.

Our solutions encompass all necessary engineering requirements, including all Form 15 and 16 sign-offs. These certifications are critical for ensuring that all structural elements meet the required safety and compliance standards. By handling these sign-offs internally, we provide an added layer of assurance and accountability, further streamlining the process and eliminating the need for external verification. This comprehensive service package underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality, fully compliant projects that meet all regulatory requirements and exceed client expectations.

“A design and construct contract offers several advantages, including risk mitigation and enhanced operational efficiencies. In this contractual arrangement, the contractor assumes sole responsibility for both the design and construction phases, consolidating accountability into a single entity. Moreover, leveraging the contractor's specialised expertise during the design phase facilitates a smoother and more streamlined construction process, ultimately leading to greater efficiency and project success.”

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Steel Detailing

Let our experience in steel detailing support your steel supply chain

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Design Assist

Early review of design documents can help de-risk the steel and precast supply chain